trahit slimming belt belly

There is no diet that in 10 minutes to eliminate the excess of fat of the stomach and sides. You need at least a week to eat a special diet that the weight started to get out, and still play sports. What to do when you need to urgently to lose weight? Will help you to solve the problem trahit area. He transforms the figure, making the belly flat and the waist narrow.

Corsets for weight loss


Stricta belt is used in the abdomen. The product is manufactured with materials that are good in the concealment of the aesthetic shortcomings of the figure. To reduce the percentage of body fat by attenuante fitness corset impossible, but you can lift the excess weight and distribute evenly in the stomach. This creates a visual slimming effect, and the person looks more slim. Really get rid of the excess weight, you may, if statera diet and do sports.

Features of the application

The manufacturers recommend beginners bring trahit belt up to 2 hours a day. We slowly increase the time up to 8-10 hours of the night to take a break. Why attenuante belt? According to data provided by the creators of the product, simulating a belt can change the shape of the trunk and make the waist slim and her stomach was flat. What happens in practice?

Elastic band changes the contour of the body, but she can't "rhoncus" fat permanently and deform the ribs. After removing the all the extra weight back in its place. The conclusion of this in the following way: trahit slimming belt – a device of emergency for the correction of the body when you need to look thin in the here and now. Permanent use is not recommended in the fat loss process is not involved.

The benefits and damages

Advantages of elastic bands for a bit. If you want to use in the postpartum or postoperative period, with more stress, it is very important to consult a doctor. In normal conditions, trahit corset for weight loss is so beneficial:

  • Provides a quick visual of the thinning. The man was wearing a belt and in no time became slim. Full belly and fall face slipping away.
  • Reduces the amount of servings that you eat, which occurs due to real weight loss. The fabric compresses the stomach area, so that when cibi redundantia coactionis people feel very uncomfortable. At the same time, in addition to that there is a catch – once you clear the thing, the appetite will be a day with double strength.
  • Tightens the skin and reduces the appearance of deep stretch marks with a sharp weight loss.
  • Does the woman trust. Beautiful lady looks in the mirror is a slim figure, this encourages her work in yourself: eat healthy food, to go to the gym or do it at home.

If they are not used, negative aspects more than positive. Constant wear and tear attenuante belt (10-12 hours each day) compresses the internal organs that leads to many problems. Damage items:

  • It restricts the breathing, which makes it impossible to breathe in the diaphragm. The body receives less oxygen. Especially dangerous is the condition during a workout.
  • trahit waist strap impairs the circulation of the blood, reduces the blood flow to the heart and from him. The phenomenon causes dizziness and fainting.
  • Gravis the load experiences the intestines. This deteriorates its transport function and the ability to absorb the nutrients. Develop constipation, frequent abdominal distension, flatulence.
  • Stomach cramped in the space that contributes to the development of reflux (backwards movement of food through the digestive tract). The acid content of the stomach gets into the esophagus, heartburn occurs.
  • The continued support of the abdomen leads to the atrophy of the muscles of the press. The person does not strain the muscles of the peritoneum, as it is held on the belt. Attenuante when the tool is removed, the belly falls forward (but this condition is observed after a long time continuous operation).
  • Too tight products very exprimendum and slightly move the diaphragm, the liver, the stomach, the intestine, bladder. Institutions, be in a strangulated condition, are unable to work fully.

Indications for the use of attenuante corset for weight loss

The product does not always need only for beauty, but this is the reason for using belt, one of the most important. You need to look awesome at the reception? Under the gown wear a corsage – it hides the flaws of your body with no traces of their presence. Other indications of slimming belt:

  • lora stomach postpartum – the ladies recommend a special bandage for the weight loss;
  • rapid weight loss, prevention of sagging of the skin;
  • dissatisfaction with her figure, a strong desire to lose weight.

The need of attenuante clothing is determined by the physician in congestive diseases of the cardiovascular system, hernias the abdominal and lumbar region, the violation of the integrity of the abdominal wall in the postoperative period. In these cases the thing is not designed for weight loss and figure correction, and to resolve health problems. In appearance and functionality, it differs from corsets for weight loss.

How to choose a belt for the waist and abdomen


Buy attenuante sheets thinning should be thought of. Make a mistake with the size, the material, the degree of compression, the belt will be uncomfortable, bring the body harm. Corset slimming abdomen and sides must be chosen according to the following criteria:

  1. Size. Do not buy a product the size 2-3 position is lower than your current setup. The fabric too tight erit suitable figure, and the boundary between the body and the underwear will be revealed. For the placement of take a more, her, one less. Measuring things in the same sequence. Body gradually get used to the flu, and it is clear that the size you prefer.
  2. Comfort. You should choose a product that is right for you in particular. This can be done by just to fit. If you feel a strong tension, discomfort, pain, respice a larger size or another style.
  3. The material of manufacture. attenuante belt are of supreme elastica fabric: spandex, spandex nylon with lycra. Materials easily take the form of a shape, adjust it, do not pull.
  4. The quality of the product. Good underwear is sewn from pleasant to the touch material, has smooth lines, comfortable belt. No risk to order online from the compression belt for belly dance from unknown manufacturers. The photo you can not determine the quality. Clothes need to measure, to understand if you crush the plaque and not go out if the bones.
  5. The degree of compression. Products with weak drawcord slightly smooth out small bumps, slightly tighten the abdomen. Adjustment of women who have tenuous claims to the appearance. Clothing with a medium degree of the correction significantly improves the relief shapes due to the stretchy material. Lora is provided by strong products with the bones and the dishes.

Latex corset

The most popular variety attenuante clothes. Do you remember the story: previously, ladies wore tight corsets and lace-up design. Latex belt is a modern interpretation of the ancient inventions. The similarity of the visual appearance and effect of weight loss. The mechanism of action is completely different. The outer layer is made of latex. The design takes its shape thanks to a frame made up of nine ribs. The inner layer is natural cotton. The product fastens with hooks arranged in three rows.

Latex corset physically redistributes the fat, creates an effect of sauna and compresses the stomach, reducing the appetite. The manufacturer recommends using it before exercise to increase perspiration, but the recommendation is questionable. In these things inconvenient to do, and during an intense workout, it may happen overheating of the body. The purchaser should request the seller a certificate of quality, since now is sold lots of cheap fakes.

Sports trahit belt, or a corset

The product is made of natural latex, but is more smooth than the previous version and does not have ribs. According to the manufacturers, trahit fitness corset increases the effectiveness of training by 20-30%. Something that does not restrict movement: they can run, squat, do push-ups and crunches. The product helps to keep your posture, and even increases sweating, creating a sauna effect.

Vest corset

Clothes not only targets the stomach and flanks, but also gives support to the spine in a neutral position. Mike-the corset provides a visual slimming, relieves pain in the muscles of the back. The top layer of the product is represented by the latex, the lower thin cotton breathable. There are t-shirts, corsets nylon, elastane, spandex, there are models with long and short sleeves, without sleeves. Some manufacturers impregnate the fabric anti-cellulite composition, so that it starts up the metabolism.


The material is a synthetic rubber origin. The neoprene high-density and structure-porous which provides the ease and smoothness of things. The fabric is very stretchy, hugs the body, compresses the internal organs. As neoprene product helps in weight loss? Is created in the stomach area or the thighs heat effect, so that speeds up the circulation of the blood out the excess moisture, toxins, toxins. The material is made micromassage of the skin, which contributes to discissisque skin.

Shapewear compression corsets

Underwear element is tightened around the waist and creates a visual slimming effect. With the compression of a corset can do a figure type "hourglass". Consui belt of elastic material based on a metal or plastic frame. You should use it no more than 2-3 hours, as the product very compresses the skin, fat, muscles.

Male corset

male corset

  • Often, in the form of t-shirts and not the belts. Dark colours: black, grey, blue. Many models can be worn as clothing.
  • Compression is achieved due to the action of the elastic material and the stiffeners.
  • There are models impregnated with a means for weight loss. It is best to bring in practice.
  • Men's underwear allows a good posture, which is especially important when performing strength exercises.

Where to buy

The variety of online stores. It is advisable to buy things on shopping websites that have a store or a real store in your city, so you can try on your favorite model. For replenishing of the closet attenuante corset can be carried out by visiting stores that sell lingerie. The consultant will tell you how to choose the right model, give advice on the use. With the great discounts you can search for items on Aliexpress, eBay, Amazon.