To lose weight after 40 years without harm for health, and for a long time

What make us great, it increases the difficulty to solve health problems and as a result of this, the question that often arises is: how to keep the weight off or even to reduce it without suffering the consequences?

Throughout life, we change constantly, both emotionally and physiologically. And each stage of life that affects the ability to maintain a normal weight. The principles of loss of weight for people of all ages essentially the same, but there are still some characteristics.

The younger we are, the easier it is to lose weight. The body immediately responds to any attempt to diet, physical activity. At this age any situation of stress, often contributing to the weight loss of the weight increase.

But beyond the age of forty, and now the arrows of the scales do not easily move backward. Weight or stands, or moves inexorably upwards. We understand that diets don't work. Although that a monitoring process is active, but this is not enough. And stress often leads to an increase in weight. What happened and how to be to keep your weight normal? And for many the question is more serious: how to lose weight after 40?

How to lose weight after 40 years without harm to the health

how to lose weight after 40

The problem of weight loss, after forty years the attention of so many people, so I try to pick up useful tips from specialized sources available on the Internet. I think that not only me, but many find this information useful.

After 40 years in the human body to actively begin to produce hormonal changes that lead to the decrease of the rate of cell renewal. Begins the process of aging. Metabolic or metabolic processes of the body begin to slow down and if nothing has changed in my life, especially in the nutrition, movement and rest, the aging process will be quick: weight written quickly, and as a result there are various chronic diseases of the disease, such as diabetes, heart disease and joint problems.

The weight gain after the age of 40 years are most often affected by the change in the thyroid gland. After the consultation of the endocrinologist of the people who started gaining weight (despite all efforts to eat well and be active) and may not in any way be reduced, often we hypothyroidism. This disease is associated with a slowing of the activity of the thyroid, that is to say, the production of hormones that regulate the metabolism of the body. Normally adequate therapy helps to solve this problem.

About the food, for those who want to lose weight after 40 years

We must remember that the need for food in young people and those who are over forty completely different, both in volume and in calories.

  • Implement the "bad" habit of leaving food on the plate.
  • To change the usual three times more food a day to five or six, and thus save its total caloric content daily.
  • Remember, a glass of wine equals 150 calories.
  • Taste the food, chew it more thoroughly and in less time it takes to feel sated.
  • Let in each meal, the diet is a single vegetable or fruit. So don't miss what to eat vegetables and fruits.
  • The main dish should be based on vegetables or grains, but meat and fish only as a condiment.
  • Eat more fresh vegetables and fruit – this helps to reduce the weight.
  • All milled cereals do not have the same nutritional value that whole grain.

How can we not tired of hearing about calories, but, unfortunately, without this it is difficult to give in to the weight reduction. Simple equation: everything that we have with food, must be used for life, the rest was in shares. The more we advance, the more nutritious you need. On the other hand, the less we move, the less food we need. It seems that this bar of chocolate? Just something for 150 calories. But if you eat beyond what is necessary each day for a year, it is possible to recover 10 kg because after 40 we have reduced the physical activity then weight gain is inevitable. And at this age it is necessary to remember constantly the rule: eat extra — work of active movement.

After forty years, there is a need to keep a food journal, a table of control of weight and volume, as well as to record what foods lead to weight gain, and it helps to reduce it. After all, we are individual: what helps one another can cause damage. Know the body, it is easier to take measures to maintain a healthy weight.

It is impossible to avoid the feeling of hunger and, at the same time that needs to be conveyed. The diets that are primarily directed to a hungry existence, after the age of 40 years, is simply unacceptable. The body in this approach reacts in different way: after the transition to a normal diet, he gains a bit of weight beyond measure and record this weight normal. Because losing is becoming increasingly difficult. Our goal is to give less, but to keep the feeling of satiety.

You need to be able to organize the mode often, but little by little and varied. Go to the power 5 or 6 times a day at intervals of not more than 3.5 hours. So that you can easily maintain a stable blood sugar level and to avoid the feeling of hunger and fatigue.

Many experts say that all the food before going to sleep deposited in the waist and hips. But at the same time all the food in the morning, when the metabolic processes are in the active phase, is processed by the organism. So who wants to save and / or restore normal weight, make sure you eat Breakfast, even if you don't want to.

How to combat the temptation to eat something tasty, but not very useful? There is No need to deal with it. Just need to learn to savor or a long time to chew the food. Take a bit of cake in your mouth and chew it for a long time. The brain remembers this pleasure (and for us, the most important thing – to feed the brain) and the second piece may no longer need. But the Board, place another piece that is called out of sight. Cake is, but you need to get. The brain understands it: "it is not forbidden and you can eat later, but for now this will be enough." We seem to have outsmarted themselves. Not forbidden, but was postponed.

Artificial sweeteners give a taste of sweetness, but not very filling. Therefore, feelings of hunger these products it is not possible to get rid of'. Better to eat a little bit of sweet, but only after the main meal, than to eat food with sweeteners, and even with an empty stomach.

Include in your diet foods that promote fat burning. Is the pineapple, greens, green tea, grapefruit, artichoke, Jerusalem and others. While all the other food, but with moderation and the process of weight loss needs to budge.

Foods that help burn fat

the diet
  • Oats – porridge made of grains to give a greater feeling of satiety than Hercules . Porridge oats have a high level of soluble fiber, therefore, able to reduce the levels of cholesterol and lipids in the blood.
  • Eggs eating a hard-boiled egg in the morning, the weight loss is faster than if there is only porridge.
  • Low-fat — yogurt contains a good amount of protein and fat, good for use during the second Breakfast.
  • Eat an Apple half an hour before meals, reduces the appetite due to its fiber and pectin. As a result, the person is saturated with less food.
  • Lean red meat (beef, veal, Turkey meat) – dense protein helps to maintain muscle mass, provided you are active and lack of exercise, then you do not have fear.
  • Cinnamon can increase insulin levels which in turn reduces the level of sugar in blood and cholesterol. Cinnamon can be added to smoothies, drinks, fruit and salads, pastries.
  • Almonds-dense vegetable protein helps to normalize triglycerides.

On the water for people of more than 40

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Not to be confused with hunger, thirst
  • Bring a bottle of water with you always and everywhere
  • Try to make the water tastier by adding citrus juice and fruits of the forest.

In the movement for those who want to lose weight after 40 years

  • Try as much as possible to move. If you do a lot of sitting, then get every hour and do something in motion: make a house, garden, walking up and down the stairs of the entrance.
  • Do not rely on electrical devices that help us relieve the costs of labor, such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, etc. Do more home-work for yourself – so you will have more to move.
  • Use a pedometer to track the number of movements. Aim to gradually increase the number of steps per day (at least 3000).
  • Try to play regularly in a more active person that you are. Count the time how much they are able to clean the house, make the bed, walk to the bus stop, etc.

Many say that active and that is called "electric brooms". But it turns out that it is the characteristic of the body of people over 40 is that it is not enough to move, and desired power load to build muscle. So when the body is aging, naturally, the muscles are replaced by fat.

Ordinary movement, such as walking, helps health, especially for those who suffer from heart problems, but to build enough muscle to reduce the weight of this type of exercises can not. Therefore, in the complex of morning exercises need to include exercises with a rubber band. The key to the effectiveness of this kind of classes, the regularity, the gradual increase of load and time duration. Artificial muscles will help you to remove unnecessary layer of fat that has formed with age.

Sleep is for those who want to maintain their weight

  • Remember that you sleep less, weighs more
  • If you don't eat before you go to sleep, then the body would be easier to deal with the remains of food and sleep will be more quiet.
  • You can't go to sleep without eating, drinking a bit of milk.

Sleep disorders contribute to the fact that we can easily start to gain weight. This is due to the fact that the hormones such as leptin and ghrelin, which were designed to control the satiety and hunger, lack of sleep produced in an incorrect way. Leptin is reduced and the person does not feel the satiety, ghrelin increases the feeling of hunger is always present. Often people who do not have enough sleep, choose to eat more sweet and more salty. So the body tries to compensate for the lack of energy.

To be able to sleep, you can be sure that the topic of weight loss will be solved easier. More and better we sleep, the better the process of fat burning.

After forty years of great change in lifestyle related to nutrition or physical activity to anything good will not result: only the weariness, and disappointment. So go a healthier lifestyle gradually and do not forget about the regularity. This is the secret to weight loss after the age of 40 years.

The balance in the equation "how many did you receive energy, and so it happened", you need to maintain throughout life. You need to choose: focus on burning calories, and therefore, increase the amount of physical strength exercises or to focus on reducing the consumption of calories and, therefore, need to normalize the diet, to decrease caloric content due to the composition of the product, or because of its volume. Choose.