Waist Trainer Corset

Waist Trainer is the corset with the effect of the contraction, which simultaneously shapes the figure and creates a "greenhouse effect", due to the layer of latex. The use is very simple, but you must choose the right model for the belt size that you want.

Slimming with the corset use the following instruction:

  1. Use the size table below to choose the correct size. Don't take the product more or less, this is important. To measure the waist you need in a tight situation: take a breath and pulling in the stomach. The tape must not enter the skin.
  2. After receiving the item, you need to clean them in accordance with the instructions and leave to dry.
  3. Put on a clean corset, with a minimum level of pressure. Take no more than an hour. Each day you can increase the use time of half an hour.
  4. If after a week you feel comfortable in a corset, you can change the level of the contraction.

For efficiency, you can use Waist Trainer during active workouts at the gym. This will allow you to quickly to lose weight in the stomach.

Directions for use

Nutritionists recommend to wear a corset, in the following cases:

  • In the daily life. The corset reduces the waist size up to 10 cm, emphasizes the shape, straightens her back and removes the deposits on the belly and flanks.
  • After the birth. Thanks Waist Trainer it is possible to recover the fastest, to prevent suture line disruption after cesarean section to remove the belly fat and post-Natal folds, to prevent back pain due to carrying the baby.
  • In sports training. Order of the product for sport, if you want to reduce the risk of back injury, to accelerate drying, reduce the need for food.
Purple Waist Trainer to complement his style


Unlike many other means of weight loss Waist Trainer it has some restrictions for use. They are mostly associated with an injury or unusual condition of the body. To apply the corset not in the following cases:

  • pregnancy, and to stop the pressure in the stomach need small terms, otherwise you run the risk of damaging the fetus.
  • recent surgery in the abdominal area. If you had a cesarean section, consult your doctor and do not wear the corset for a long period of time (without seams in the access of the air may become inflamed).
  • major burns in the area of wear of the subject.
  • diseases of the skin or other types of deformation of the skin.
  • diseases of the stomach, in which it is impossible to pressure (ulcers, some types of gastritis).

Results after applying

The most effective will be the decision of buy Waist Trainer or order it through the Internet as an Appendix of the basic training program. But the results of fat reduction in the flanks and the belly are, in any case. You can also improve the posture and not to FALL abdominal muscles.